Social Networks
I go by the name of Ta' Kova, which is also how i live my life; whether it be subtle or aggressive. I earned this title after I was free styling for a couple weeks while I was locked up. Another local artist from Toledo said he thought I took over any cypher or battle I was in, and that stuck with me. Growing up a dude in my neighborhood got me hip to music early, and I instantly wanted to be a part of it. A year ago I was rappin in my dudes basement for fun, now I'm headlining my own shows and opening for people like Gorilla Zoe. So I would say my career is beginning to develop. I have a very dark part of me that I struggle to keep contained everyday, my music for me is a way to channel some if that energy. My overall goal is to have a successful music career and to be able to put other artists on in the process. I believe my biggest asset right now is my network.

You can find my music at www.bosslandrecords.com www.reverbnation.com/takova419 www.facebook.com/pages/TaKova/193927347330192 and search Ta'Kova cross referenced to Bossland Records and you will find my on YouTube as well.